The Original! Holmes County Flea Market. Don't miss out! We moved from the big hill in Walnut Creek to Berlin.

Holmes County Flea Market

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  • FLEA MARKETS IN ITALY - Italiantourism FLEA MARKETS IN ITALY. The markets in Italy, ranging from flea markets to antique and food markets to those holding a variety of crafts, all tell an interesting.
  • Porter Flea Market Nashville’s Porter Flea was launched in July, 2011, with a focus on celebrating modern handmade goods. Now in its sixth year, the juried and curated, semi-annual.
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  • Flea Market Style Decor, Farmhouse Wares Sale The Farmhouse Wares Flea Market Section is where you'll find our sale items. Brimming with vintage style home goods for a great deal.
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