Masses based on sacred polyphonic songs

Millennium of Music. The sources and mainstreams of European music from the thousand years before the birth of Bach.

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  • Une Jeune Fillette - Medieval Une Jeune Fillette. A popular tune of the Renaissance and Baroque period, used by many composers in different settings, sacred and profane. One Complete Set of Lyrics
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  • ARCHIVE - Catholic Liturgy Blog: Views from the Choir Loft St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal (Latin Mass) Cantiones Sacrae Simplices (SATB) Views from the Choir Loft Archive. 2018 (190).
  • Church music - Wikipedia Church music is music written for performance in church, or any musical setting of ecclesiastical liturgy, or music set to words expressing propositions of a sacred.
  • Hear The Choirs Sing Hear The Choirs Sing A list of sites that offer choral music audio clips
  • Mass (music) - Wikipedia The Mass (Missa), a form of sacred musical composition, is a choral composition that sets the invariable portions of the Eucharistic liturgy (principally that of the.
  • Cantus firmus | music | Britannica.com Cantus firmus: Cantus firmus, (Latin: “fixed song”, ) preexistent melody, such as a plainchant excerpt, underlying a polyphonic musical composition (one.
  • Vocal Area Network Choir Directory The Vocal Area Network Choir Directory offers summary information on over 500 choirs located around the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan area, compiled.
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