The following are the regional mammal lists by continent. Some are full species lists, others, particularly continental lists, have just the families.

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  • 8th DCLDE Workshop - univ-tln.fr The 8th International Workshop on Detection, Classification, Localization, and Density Estimation of marine mammals using passive acoustics will take place at the.
  • Prevention and Control of Damage Caused by Shrews Shrews are not protected by federal Scientific name Common name laws, with one exception. The south-eastern shrew (Sorex longirostris fischeri) is protected in the.
  • Irish hare | The Vincent Wildlife Trust The Irish hare (Lepus timidus hibernicus) is one of three lagomorphs found on the Island of Ireland and the only native lagomorph. Of the other two lagomorph species.
  • Cheetah Fastest Land Animal Endangered Big Cat The Cheetah Spot - facts, diagrams, pictures & sounds relating to the cheetah
  • Tropical Rainforest Mammals List With Pictures & Facts For. Rainforest mammals list with pictures & facts. List of mammals in a tropical rainforest. Manatees to monkeys, information for kids, students & adults.
  • Mammals - IUCN Red List Included in the IUCN Red List is the comprehensive assessment of the conservation status of the world's 5,488 mammal species. Here you will find global summary.
  • Freedom for Animals | Zoos Animals in zoos are denied a life of freedom. A cage can never be their home.
  • Late Pleistocene small mammals from the Wannenköpfe. 1. IntroductionSmall mammal faunas from the Eemian/Weichselian transition, a time of important climatic change, are poorly known in Central Europe.
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