Junie B Jones Is almost a Flower Girl Junie B Jones

About The Series. Meet the World's Funniest kid—Junie B. Jones! With over 60 million books sold and heralded as 'the darling of the young-reader set.'

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  • Flower Girl Power: Junie B. Jones Chapter Book Review 'Sally,' our 6-year-old, wanted to be like the big girls this summer and try reading chapter books. She had heard about Junie B. Jones (by Barbara Park) and wanted to.
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  • Junie B.'s Second Sensational Ebook Collection!: Books 5-8. Junie B.'s Second Sensational Ebook Collection!: Books 5-8 (Junie B. Jones Box Set 2) - Kindle edition by Barbara Park, Denise Brunkus. Download it once and read it.
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