1901 census East Flamborough Township Wentworth County

Ontario Genealogy (Upper Canada) Hamilton Insane Asylum Inmates

Upper Canada (Ontario) Hamilton Insane Asylum Inmates

  • History of Hamilton, Ontario - Wikipedia Gore District of Upper Canada and Wentworth County were created in 1816, with Mr. Hamilton’s settlement as the seat for both. The county’s original constituent.
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  • Timeline of events in Hamilton, Ontario - Wikipedia 1890– First organized Hockey Game held in Hamilton; Bank of Hamilton VS Knox, Morgan. (this is the earliest reference to an organized hockey game being played in.
  • LONG Surname DNA Project - longwebs.org (5) Gerald Long #9966 is a descendant of John and Ann (Herrington) Long. John & Ann Long emigrated, about 1763, from Queen Anne's County, MD to Greene County, PA.
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